We still want to see you for counselling – just not in our offices!

Our main office is closed to the public due to COVID-19, but we would be happy to provide an online session via the easy-to-use video platform Zoom. All you need is a computer/tablet/phone with a camera.

When you book a session, your counsellor will be in touch to support you in accessing the service through video until our regular operations resume. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We have found that this type of online service delivery works really well for clients who are 14 years or older. For families looking for help for/with kids under 14 we still want to support you! We suggest booking a parent session to discuss ways that we can help you with the unique needs of your child. Our Engagement and Intake Team would also be happy to talk with you about how we can make the technology work for younger clients with a little preparation in advance.
Contact them at: 403-205-5294 or intake@cfs-ab.org

If you don’t have access to video technology and still need support, Intake is happy to talk to you about options for counselling by phone and answer any additional questions.

Rapid Access Counselling


Welcome to Catholic Family Service’s Rapid Access Counselling booking page.

Our single-session program provides you with a 75-minute appointment where you can work in a focused way with one of our skilled counsellors. Our team includes Psychologists, Social Workers, Certified Counsellors, and experienced master’s or Ph.D. level students and Provisional Psychologists.

We welcome everyone to our services - regardless of where you come from, who you choose to love, how much money you have, or where you go to pray.

If your situation is urgent or you feel at risk please contact the Distress Centre at 403-266-4357 or proceed to the nearest emergency room

Book an Appointment
To book a Rapid Access Counselling appointment, please click the type of session you’re looking for:

Click one of the above buttons to search for an available session.

What is Rapid Access Counselling?

We all face challenges and issues that can be difficult to make sense of on our own. A conversation with a counsellor can offer new perspectives and help us understand what’s going on inside our heads and hearts. That support can help us cope with adversity and learn new strategies to help us move forward.

Rapid Access Counselling is our way of offering you that support. Single session counselling appointments let you access support when you need it. With no waitlist, and multiple daytime and evening appointments available from Monday to Friday, you’ll usually be able to book a 75-minute appointment within a week. You can start booking an appointment by clicking the blue appointment type buttons above or by calling our intake team at 403-233-2360.

More Information
Do you have a few more questions before you book an appointment? We’ve collected information about what you can expect, as well as provided answers to the questions we’re asked most frequently. Click here for more information about who might benefit from the service, booking appointments, costs, location and parking.

If you don’t find the answer to your question, or prefer to book by phone, you can reach our Engagement and Intake team by calling 403-233-2360.